For me, the Green Ray method of growing is the perfect bed partner for biodynamic gardening and we have the scientist and philosopher Dr Rudolf Steiner to thank for introducing biodynamics to us. Biodynamic methods such as planting by the moon, are I feel, a natural progression from organic gardening.(which in an ideal world should be the only way to grow)

Biodynamics work in rhythm with the Earth and the Cosmos, so following the biodynamic seed - planting calendar allows us to know that certain days, and even hours, are more suitable than others for planting a particular fruit or vegetable. This is because a certain constellation of stars and planets in the sky will be enhancing the growth of these plants.

Farmers and growers that trust the old ways of working with nature certainly see the rewards in the quality and quantity of their produce. Working this way - in harmony with nature, was common place in days gone by - not so much these days, although organic gardening methods are becoming much more popular and biodynamic gardening is certainly on the increase.

Biodynamics has an holistic approach to pests and diseases and always treats animals with respect. It is about increasing the potential of a plant through enhanced compost and special preparations. The soil is enriched and enlivened with various preparations to enhance the life force within them.

This is so different to conventional agricultural land that has usually been over-farmed, leaving its soils depleted and mineral poor. The artificial fertilizers that are used to try and remedy this, sadly, just don't compare, producing mediocre crops that are low in life force. These comments bring to mind a channelling I received from Dee Tee, my elemental guide, when we were discussing growing herbs

Each herb contains an essence that has a certain sound
But sadly, this note is missing when the Green Ray's not around
The resonance the herb makes is then low and it is dull
The Green Ray's energy is needed to make it light and full

Plants that grow with vibrant Green Rays, their vibration is much higher
They have a greater life force for they contain the Green Ray fire
To your bodies this is helpful, indeed, up it will them light
And if your body has invaders, help it will you to them fight

When "artificial helpers" are poured on these precious plants
The fire that they are carrying, we afraid you'll find it damps
No longer are they singing with voices that are true
And so when they are ingested they're not of benefit to you

Plants and herbs grown with the Green Ray are vibrant and alive
If regularly you can eat them, then truly you will thrive
And just as with your water you can call the Green Ray through
But if they're GROWN with Green Ray love, they're of more benefit to you

Weleda are a company who strongly embrace the biodynamic principles of growing. Claire Hattersley, who is garden team leader of the Weleda farm-garden in Derbyshire comments," This farm-garden provides the company with flower/fruits/herbs for use in medicines. Their belief is that for their plants to be as potent as they can be, they need to be grown as close to how they might grow in the wild. Also, we use very little machinery, that means that all the weeding, harvesting etc is nearly always done by hand."

Last year I was lucky enough to spend some time with Claire at the farm-garden in Derbyshire. I found it very interesting and well worth a visit if you're in the area. Elemental energy in great abundance!!