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A Cry For Help

Under trees and bushes a little fairy sleeps
On our plants and hedgerows, a watchful eye she keeps
She’s now asking for assistance for the job she’s done so well
It’s all become too much for her; life’s now a living hell

Our garden sprays are poison and we spread them everywhere
Without thought of what we’re doing, showing we don’t really care
This can’t go on unceasingly, it really has to end
The time is now to put things right our wicked ways to mend

So think of what you’re doing next time you tip stuff down the drain
Does it consist of chemicals and if so then REFRAIN
Where do you think its going? Does someone magic it away?
Into the earth it’s seeping now and there it’s going to stay

For years She has provided and met our every need
But look at how She begs us now from these pollutants to be freed
Her crust it shakes and trembles for she can take no more
And if we don’t take ACTION NOW then disasters are in store

It wouldn’t take much doing if each person did their bit
The pieces of the jigsaw would then begin to fit
It is of no use waiting for someone else to sort it out
Each one of us is responsible, of that there is no doubt

So look at what you’re doing as you tend your garden fair
All those weed killers and insecticides with our flowers MUST we share?
Before, things grew in nature and without them did survive
Let’s help our elemental friends as for a better world we strive