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Can You Help?

Can you help us? Please say that you will
The way that you live is making us ill
We don’t think you realise how affected we are
By all of the rubbish that pours from your car

The rivers that run all over your land
Are now so polluted, we feel far from grand
We don’t want to play or splash in our streams
As toxins galore into them are teemed

Just look at the soil, for crops no longer grow
The way that they should, no matter how you sow
Is there any wonder the Earth rumbles and roars?
As more of man’s waste into It now is poured

If you all stop for a moment and step back for a look
You’ll see there’s another way to rewrite this book
If each single person recycled their waste
Then a much sweeter world we’d begin soon to taste

With your help much healthier and stronger we’d be
And once more be able to roam again free
Not chained to the task of trying to put right
The thoughtless destruction that’s wrought overnight

Each single person a difference can make
So why not start now, you don’t have to wait
We could pull together and work hand in hand
To make our world now a much healthier land