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The Earth Needs Help

You ask us please to show you
What's the best thing man could do
To help this planet that you love
With ALL it's going through

There is not just one answer
For it's needs are many fold
Please love the Earth, take care of it
Your people must be told

Recycle things, use them again
Don't fling them in the bin
It's because of all the waste you make
That we're in the mess we're in

The world just isn't big enough
All this rubbish it can't store
But is anybody listening?
NO! You just keep on making more

You must rethink your lifestyles
To see how best you can survive
With more thought and more compassion
Different species then would thrive

The key is helping one another
For resources must be shared
Then from this constant plundering
Mother Earth just might be spared

But if you really want to help
And lend the world a hand
Just think of ONE thing YOU could do
It doesn't have to be too grand

Like picking up the litter
When it's lying on the ground
And planting trees and bushes
So their energy will abound

Reusing all your kitchen waste
Will make you compost fine
But please don't use use that old excuse
That you don't have the time

You need to make that effort NOW
So strive for all you're worth
This IS the way that you can help
To save our planet Earth