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Working Together

Can you see our energy? Can you see our form?
When no elemental soul you see this leaves you all forlorn
But worry not our Friends of Earth for close by you we shall be
Watching you with bated breath in each flower, plant and tree

When you walk amongst us you often stop and stare
Was that your imagination or were we really there
But soon our light you’ll see more clearly as your vibration grows
Then on working all together we will make great inroads

It’s hard to believe in something when it you cannot see
But having faith and trust in us is how it now should be
We are something to believe in not a trick played by your mind
Search deep within your hearts this day, the truth we tell you’ll find

As close we work together, each others ways we’ll take on board
Then distrust and misunderstandings no longer will be stored
Our ways are very different but we must now work together
With a little effort on both our sides, the stormy seas we’ll weather

All we ask is that you trust us and show us that you care
The sorry plight our world’s in now so fills us with despair
We want things back the way they were, but we can’t do it on our own
Too much damage has been wrought; we can’t repair it all alone

That’s why we must work together and learn to trust again
So once again the Nature Folk will work along side of men
There must be give and take in this and allowances must we make
But we will accomplish this of that make no mistake

So next time you’re out in nature and your gaze goes into space
Focus on each bush and tree and we’ll reveal our face
Then in answer to our question “ Can our form you all now see?”
Affirmative, affirmative you’ll answer us with glee