The Green Ray is a Nature ray, a healing ray that originates from Mother Earth and that has up until recently been within the keeping of the elementals. It has been brought forward at this time to assist mankind in his fight against illness, disease and pollution. This Ray represents the life force of Nature; it contains the same powerful energy that allows buds and bulbs to burst forth in spring.

The Green Ray can be used upon everything that is organic and natural, animals, plants, trees, foods, crystals, and ourselves. It was a ray that was used in Atlantis, where it was called upon to vitalise and turn their foods into super foods, bursting with flavour, nutrients and vitamins. These foods would grow quicker and larger and be more vibrant. Healers around the country, many of who are finding it particularly effective when treating cancer patients, are using the Green Ray today. Avid gardeners who are obtaining exceptional results are also using it.

For more information please contact Sue or 01964 552987

What the elementals have to say about the Green Ray

The Green Ray is a ray that comes from Mother Earth
Sadly, man has forgot it’s meaning now only elementals know its worth
But this is all about to change for this ray we want to share
So mankind can mend their ways and for a better world prepare

The Green Ray is a healing ray that’s been within our keeping
To overcome man’s illness here’s the help you have been seeking
It’s available for everyone whatever colour, race or creed
If it’s used correctly it will meet EVERYBODIES need

When you call the Green Ray to you we will guide its path
The force at which it enters you may make you want to laugh
If this force is too great for you then it we will adjust
That’s why calling on us to supervise really is a must

Please do not be fearful for this rays works are profound
For many healers out there this means them treading quite new ground
But the results will be most wonderful if you just give it now a whorl
Call it in at your healings so on the world it may unfurl

Mankind at this time
Requires a certain lift
So the Green Ray we do offer
Please take it as our gift
For the Earth requires great healing
As it in tatters lies
And if you will allow it
The Ray will to the challenge rise

This Ray can heal your bodies
But also energise your food
When saying blessings over them
Remember it to include
If you are a grower
And love working with the land
Sweep the Ray through all your crops
And they’ll be in great demand

Not only will they taste better
But the nutrition that they provide
Will nourish your body to such an extent
The results you’ll not be able to hide
This Ray’s not only for a few chosen
It is there for each person to share
The reason it has been brought forward this time
Is to show mankind that we care