Create your sacred space – call on St Germain or Archangel Zadkiel to bring forth the Violet Flame to cleanse and clear your space and everything in it across all time, space and dimensions and fill it all with Divine White Light.

Call upon your usual protective force e.g. Archangel Michael.

Then call upon the following beings of light:- Master Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Archangel Azrael, Our Elemental friends and the Cosmic Dragon.

Now visualise your local or chosen hospital (or hospice). Our first job is to cleanse and clear all negative energies from within and around the hospital – clearing also the lay lines that run beneath the hospital.

Visualise a Cosmic Dragon firmly rooted at every entrance and exit to the hospital – breathing the magical Cosmic Violet Flame into the building. See this powerful cosmic energy sweeping through every corridor, ward and operating theatre. Also, through every patient, doctor, nurse and hospital worker. Through the kitchens and the kitchen staff and every scrap of food and drink being prepared there – bless this food and raise its vibration by asking the elementals to fill it with the essence of the Green Ray.

See the dragons’ cosmic energy sweep through every TV set positioned above each patient’s bed and through the heating and ventilation systems – blasting clear all dark energies and thought forms – cleansing the hospital of all negativity.

Cleansing, clearing, purging – leaving no stone unturned, leaving unwanted energies no place to hide. Also, see this powerful energy blasting its way along the lay lines, the dragon lines that run beneath the hospital.

The Dragon with violet breath, bellowing stands resolute, a permanent fixture at each entrance to the hospital – preventing the further build up of heavy, dark, fearful energies that prevent true healing taking place. (slight pause)

Now call upon the Masters, the Ascended beings who are assisting in this transformation of the hospitals --- the Master Jesus, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene – helping return the energy of our hospitals, our healing places, back to the energy that was to be found in the ancient Atlantis healing temples. Become aware of these Masters walking the corridors and wards of the hospital, bringing a change, bringing hope, compassion, healing, bringing peace and bringing love. Love is the key - Love IS the answer –see all this flowing within the hospital now.

As you watch you are aware that the walls and floors of the hospital are being restructured and are now made of rose quartz - the hospital has become a place of unconditional love. The windows too are different, made from very pale smokey quartz; they will act as a magnet, drawing any negative energy out of the hospital.

Request the assistance of the Archangel Azrael – ask him to step forward and call upon any lost souls that are confused and bound to the hospital. Ask that Archangel Azrael call these souls to him in order that he may guide them to the light, in order that they may continue their journey home.

Take your awareness now to the night sky above the hospital. See a golden pyramid of light suspended there, waiting to be anchored around the hospital. As you watch this pyramid slowly descends and engulfs the hospital with its white/gold light, it anchors securely and emits the Ancient Atlantean energy of the Topaz Temple. Your hospital has become a place of true healing.

Know that this meditation can be repeated on a regular basis for the same or a different hospital, but be reassured that by healing one hospital we are helping to heal ALL hospitals.

Thank all the beings of light for their assistance and then gradually become aware of your surroundings, ground yourself and then when you are ready come back into the room.

After the healing (indeed any healing) we should call on AA Michael and ask that he cut any cords formed during the healing and then surround ourselves with Divine White Light.